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Floreffe Légumes - CultureCultivationOur family-run farm produces onions from seed for long storage, over approximately 20 ha.

Monitoring during growth is very important, in order to offer top quality onions that are fully traceable.

Each weeding operation is carefully considered to ensure that the onion is not stressed, whilst keeping the area free of weeds.

Fungicides are only applied when conditions are favourable for the development of disease, using carefully controlled dosages of active substances.

As the onion is a new crop in the region, various treatments are reduced to a minimum.

The choice of plot is also vital to good growth and easy harvesting.


  • Floreffe Légumes
    Etreet Oscar Gubin, 1
    B- 5150 Floriffoux

  • Tel.: +32(0)81/44.53.15
    Fax: +32(0)81/45.06.26

    Mobile: +32(0)476/92.61.15
    N° TVA: BE0466.977.79